Finally the Alaskan sun has decided to show it's face again.....Thank goodness!!  We can report that we are now an official business!!WAAAHOOOO!!! We are adding more to the pack by the week.  Daycare slots are filling up, so get yours quick!  Boarding is always available, PLEASE, book your holiday, vacations, or soldier returns now so we are sure to save you a spot or 3....haha.  Nahla, the separation anxiety Bernard is now kennel trained!! Her owners are enjoying dinner and a movie without a worry.  Puppies are learning their manners, Diesel and Ratchet now love kids, and are welcoming to guests instead of weary.  New additions to our personal pack include Artek! The misplaced st.Bernard/mastiff puppy, who came to us in an emergency with 4 other siblings, who are now all in homes who report potty training and obedience success!!!  Dominus, the 9 month old Great Dane is powerful and  BIG, my arm is sore from leash training!!  He loves this place, and once he is neutered, cherry eye fixed, and adjusted to our environment, will make an awesome addition to the pack.  Puppies, and lil dogs will make their mark in the next month of projections.  The big dogs still enjoy romping, and exploring our property.  We have enough fence now donated to us to make 2 play yards of running size. Now for the snow to melt so we can get out there and do it to it!!  Thanks again to those who support us threw thick and thin!  Look for us at the annual Pet Awareness day held May 12th in the Fairbanks fairgrounds.  We will have current customers, certified dog trainer "Best Friend Dog Obedience," gourmet doggy treats, and of course info and THE DOGS OF White Eyes and Bushy Tails!!!
The report of the first month here is in, and their is great news!!! Looks like the craigslist community has accepted us into the pet community! We are currently at 9 active dogs, and can proudly say everyone we have met has been awesome.  Majority is with boarding, luckily a few  have started doggy daycare. Many inquiry's on behavior out there. We have a few doing in home training as families, which I think is great! We have 3 so far enrolled in weekly doggy daycare, and everyone keeps in nice contact.  The pack is ranging from 35 lbs-100lbs so far, and the big dogs are starting to swagger in.  Owners have reported VERY tired dogs after staying with us, and we take it as a compliment.  There are still a few openings left in the pack, and we are in the market for a White Eyes mobile to accommodate more dogs. 
I was just wondering....If you had the opportunity to drop of your dog at a pet friendly location in your area, to be picked up for daycare would that make it easier for service? Would it be something you would do if offered?

I would love to hear feedback and or advice on that ANYONE!  Thanks! 
Check out what's going on at White Eyes and Bushy Tails directly at our facebook page!!!!!/whiteeyesbushytails

The packs getting bigger by the week!!! This is great!!!!